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  • Everything we do is motivated by leaving the world a more just and compassionate place than we found it. A lofty goal? Maybe. An unreachable goal? Absolutely not.Through our work to transform frustrating, out of date models, grow leaders, and bring people together, we believe that by making incremental shifts we can and will change systems for the better. Why do we believe this? We’ve seen it happen through our work.
  • As catalysts for change working with organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs, we know positive shifts don’t happen overnight, but they do happen with accountability, oversight, commitment, and the kind of real conversations we facilitate. They happen by valuing the contributions of each to the whole and through cultivating authenticity, humility, and trust in our relationships with clients.
  • We are in this for the long haul because we value community: our own and all of those we serve.
  • We believe in taking risks – both within our own organization and with our clients. We came together as a team because individually we value the reward that risk can often bring. Real change isn’t possible otherwise.
  • Because of that, part of our work is saying the quiet parts out loud – being honest about what is or isn’t working with a business or nonprofit approach, and then creating thoughtful awareness and space for real change to take place, for both the short-term and the long haul.
  • While our team has years of experience and expertise, we keep ourselves in check with an openness to lifelong learning and constant feedback. We hold ourselves and our clients accountable. Even this document will be assessed, reassessed, and edited as we go.
  • We believe that real change that moves us all toward a more informed, socially responsible, and equitable future is possible. If you’re interested in that for your business or organization, we invite you to cocreate with us!