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Rachel “Rae” Miller believes in work that builds community centered processes to solve our most pressing problems and establishes systems for collaborative growth moving forward. Having worked with Prospera Partners’ founder Vicki Pozzebon in various capacities since 2009 (from small business planning support to developing farm to restaurant programming), she now designs and facilitates programming and oversees logistics for the firm. Here Rae is part of a  team that shares a talent for creating spaces that encourage relationship building while guiding and inspiring sustainable systems change for our communities.

Creativity and critical thinking are central to how Rae approaches her work. As a multifaceted professional that’s taken a nontraditional path, she has a deep understanding of how to navigate the complexity of our systems while reimagining what is possible. In a world where we have been socialized in binary or linear thinking, Rae challenges these norms through her work with Prospera Partners by weaving in a creative mindset developed as an artist who has also worked for more than a decade in the nonprofit sector in business development and fiscal operations management to communications strategies, membership management, and everything in between.

Rae also brings compassion to her work. She is motivated by a commitment to human-centered systems and community-centered leadership. Her background in urban planning paired with an MBA leaves her uniquely qualified to understand diverse stakeholder needs, mediation strategies, and long-range planning along with the technical support needed to lift up the work along the way.

Outside of Prospera Partners you can find Rae growing her art practice and creative community with her partner through Abstract Junction, an art collective. She also loves decompressing by getting outside as much as possible with her senior pup, Bella. Rae received a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

Contact Rae or follow her on Instagram.