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The team at Prospera Partners is committed to creating real, lasting change and learning experiences for communities. We work with small businesses, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and more to transform frustrating and out of date models, grow leaders and businesses, and bring people together to do good.

Our core team of skilled facilitators is trained in gender and racial equity issues, embodied social justice practices, and cultural humility, and has developed frameworks and curricula together around the intersection of race, gender, privilege, power, identity, and healing justice. Years of real-world experience (with proven results!) informs our work. Our core team includes:

  • Vicki Pozzebon, Founder and CEO
  • Eileen Everett, Chief Transformation Officer, Associate Consultant and Facilitator
  • Staci Golar, Marketing and Communications Director, Associate Marketing and Communications Consultant

While we are acutely aware that no facilitation team can be representative of all identities, races, and genders, we do strive to have as many dimensions of diversity represented with our facilitation team and partners in this work, and regularly bring in those with other lived and work experience to complement our team. Our consulting partners, co-facilitators, and other collaborators include: