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Prospera Partners offers:

Small Business Consulting and Facilitation

We work with localists, small business owners, and social entrepreneurs to mindfully turn the overwhelm of business planning into step-by-step strategies with reachable goals and real community impact.

Nonprofit Consulting and Facilitation

We facilitate and design systems change, communities of practice, and strategic program planning to help nonprofit organizations rethink their approach and transform their work for the greater good.

Events, Workshops and Retreats

We bring thoughtful people together to learn and share through new networks, expand horizons through transformational leadership training, and develop the skills needed to both do and be better in business and in social change through our BIG (Bold Impact for Good) retreats, workshops and classes.

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Our Services Include:

Building Communities of Practice

When people come together in facilitated meetings amazing things happen: they share best practices, challenges, planning, and advice. Prospera Partners designs all communities of practice around the needs of the clients, facilitating participants through a series of gatherings that both serve to create networking opportunities, and provide space for business owners to work on their business plans and seek input on their plans.

Local Economy Assessments

Assessment and development of local economy strategies. Let Prospera Partners uncover support networks you didn’t know you had. We examine, recommend and implement programs available to business and social enterprise projects to determine how accessible they are and ultimately help your business plan for growth by identifying funding opportunities and program strategies within these to support your community. We’ll check out what you already do in order to provide insight on where you can improve your local economy with new strategies.

Federal Grant Consulting

Consulting partner on federal grant projects. We demystify the process so you benefit. Prospera Partners has years of experience as a business development and local economy strategy consultant on USDA local food systems grant projects. These projects are tailored and often include long term partnerships. We participate start to finish: providing input on the application process, project strategy and implementation, application review, and continue on as a partner in the implementation of the project direct to the businesses served and to the fiscal partner or lead on the grant project.

Planning and Development Consulting

One-on-one business planning and development consulting for small, independent businesses (we especially love Main Street, mom and pop, services, food-based and value-added businesses) and social enterprises. Our consulting focuses on community impact, marketing, preparing for seeking capital, business plan review and where to pivot, and looking at how to integrate community impact into business planning. Yeah, we’d love to help you with it all!

Resource and Capital Guidance

Resources and guidance for small independent businesses and social enterprises seeking capital. Think: start up or scaling up.

Retreats, Classes, and Workshops

Retreats and communities of practice events for business owners, social entrepreneurs, and/or nonprofit professionals. We love tailoring retreats, classes, and workshops that provide a national network of like-minded peers for participants to gather and engage with.