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Women Mean Business Part 1

By March 25, 2019February 12th, 2021No Comments

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day earlier in March I interviewed three of my clients that are doing important work leaving a lasting mark on our community. In part 1 of a 3-part series, I interview Eileen Everett, Executive Director of Environmental Education Association of NM.

What woman has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

Through her actions, my mom, Peggy, has shown me time and time again the importance of women using their voice to create a more just and kind world. Although she probably wouldn’t view herself this way, she is an innovator through and through and has often been one of the only women in the room in her life and career. From being one of the first female Physics graduate students at Caltech to her years in public service to her dedication as a teacher, she has always shown me that women can serve in all different roles and that each has its own importance.

How do you see your career/business impacting your sphere of influence?

One of my personal mottos is that “even though that is the way it is, does not mean it is the way it could or should be.” I see our work at the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico supporting systems level change for every New Mexican student to learn outdoors and increase their environmental literacy. We take a community-centered approach to our work and actively listen to many perspectives to inform our programs and projects. We value other perspectives and believe in sharing power and encourage others in the social sector to do the same.

What advice would you give the next generation of world-changing women?

Leadership is not about a title, but about how we show up and act. It does not matter where you are in your career or what job title you have, you are valuable and have power. Find your voice and use it! Also, build your own community of friends and colleagues that support you and that you can support. Never underestimate the power of going for a walk or visiting over a cup of tea with a trusted friend.

What is your personal or business mission?

Every New Mexican student should have access to daily outdoor and environmental learning.

Tell me about your business.

The Environmental Education Association of New Mexico’s work is rooted in the belief that environmental education is a systems level investment in supporting critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow us all to thrive in our ever-changing world. We are investing in systemic change for all New Mexican children to have access to environmental and outdoor learning experiences daily.

Here’s what Eileen explained about our work together:

Vicki worked with us on an innovative approach to strategic planning where we moved the process out of the “Boardroom” and into the community. By bringing together over 100 thought leaders representing a variety of interests and perspectives, we created a new vision and direction for our organization that was impact-focused. The process was invaluable due to Vicki’s knowledge and experience, passion for innovation, and incredible facilitation skills!

What woman do you know that is making history in their community? Tell us in the comments!