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Oh, Hi! We’re Prospera Partners …

By March 12, 2021May 17th, 2022No Comments

We are Prospera Partners, and we’ve been around for awhile. Over the last 9 years we’ve amassed quite a library of resources for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. And, even if you’re just curious about what all this social impact stuff is about, we have resources for you, too!

What’s with all this localism stuff?

We started out in 2012 doing deep localism work. By now you’ve likely heard how spending your money in your community has a direct impact on the local economy. But there’s more to it and this article might give you a keen understanding of localism.

Ok, but what do you really do?

We help locally owned businesses be better for their community, and we help socially minded entrepreneurs get started. Check out this blog, where we discuss social enterprise.

You also facilitate things?

We sure do! We design and facilitate communities of practice for clients, and we offer our own BIG: Bold Impact for Good learning circles. These are ways to share ideas and grow with your peers (who you may not even know you had), discussing topics and ideas together.

What’s this Transformational Leadership all about?

We use a framework called Transformational Leadership in all that we do, no matter who we are working with: business owners, nonprofit leaders, or community leaders. In our consulting for business planning, our nonprofit strategizing, and in our systems change work, we always work through a framework that notes we must work on ourselves first in order to then work with others to better serve our communities. This three-part series for nonprofits helps explain the framework with some great questions to ask yourself, too.

Wait, now you’re talking about systems change?

When we want to impact our communities we need to change systems so that they are more equitable and just for all. We think our clients at Environmental Education New Mexico exemplify systems change the best.  We embarked on a process with them in 2018 to do strategic planning differently – with whole systems thinking strategies that would create systems change for their organization and their mission, and we’re still working with them, because systems change doesn’t happen overnight.

I get it now!

Prospera Partners is committed to cultivating communities for social good. Bingo! Take a workshop with us, or drop us a line or follow us on all the socials! We’d love to work with you.



Photos: Gabriella Marks and Melania Bergin