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Thinking Outside the Marketing Box

By May 3, 2019February 12th, 2021No Comments

Just last week I met with a colleague of mine who is in the process of building her business. She is a color consultant for homes and offices helping her clients choose paint colors. It seems like people should be beating down her door as the service she provides saves her clients time, money and stress. Yet, she is still in that place where some weeks she is busy and others not so much.

It’s the story of the entrepreneur, we all offer a product or service that will solve a problem, save others time, money or somehow enhance another person or a business. The challenge is people need to know about it. Many businesses simply can’t afford to do traditional advertising to get the word out. And even if someone is doing traditional advertising, marketing consists of so much more.

How can you creatively market your business and attract your ideal client?

Whether or not traditional advertising is part of your marketing there are plenty of things you can do that cost very little, like attend networking events, implement a referral program, join a leads group, post on social media, and send email newsletters. I encourage all my clients to do these things, plus more. And that is where the conversation with my colleague went – to the plus more, to the ideas that are just outside the marketing box.


We spent some time brainstorming who she knew that was connected in some way to industries that have the same type of clientele she serves such as interior design, architectural, or home building. This person also had to have an interest in making those connections so it had to be someone who either was a strong enough relationship to do so just out of kindness or someone that could also benefit from the connection. Turns out she does know someone who is connected to these industries who fits both criteria. Her next step is to connect with her contact and do a little brainstorming with her as to how a relationship could benefit all the parties. It may be as simple as a reciprocal relationship of having someone to refer clients to or it could be partnering on a workshop, seminar or some other event.

What else does her clientele need?

Along the collaboration line, we discussed what else a person choosing colors for their homes or offices may need. Things such as kitchen and bath fixtures or products, furniture, carpet or flooring, and home décor.

She has already been offering a workshop at a flooring store where she gives tips on how to choose color, so why couldn’t she do the same with these other industries? At the least, she could cultivate a reciprocal referral relationship with them.

Presentations to groups who need speakers

Many industry associations have monthly meetings and are looking for speakers who have some relevance to their businesses and clientele. In her case, we discussed pitching some ideas to speak to realtors since they come across people daily who will most likely be painting and decorating.

Unique Selling Proposition

As we discussed her business it was apparent that her specialty of color really sets her apart from other decorators or designers who may offer that service as one of many. This niche, as well as her rate, could really appeal to a client that doesn’t have the budget or the need for a full-blown interior designers help. Her niche and her reasonable rates should be part of her message in any of her marketing efforts.

Paid Facebook Ad to reach the target market

Who and where are the people who consider an aesthetically beautiful atmosphere a necessity or have no idea where to begin when it comes to choosing a paint color? We discussed doing Facebook ads in other cities with a market of luxury homes and luxury home products. Of course, there is more to her ideal client then just location and demographics. The advantage to Facebook ads is you can narrow your audience down to go deeper with psychographics, choosing your audience based on their hobbies, interests and even who they follow. (If you haven’t read my blog on Psychographics you should.)

With a little brainstorming and putting ourselves in her ideal clients’ shoes, we were able to come up with some creative and cost-effective ways to reach her ideal client. We love local business and creative business owners so let’s think outside of the box and support one another.

Tell us how are you thinking outside the marketing box?

Can you implement some of these ideas into your business?