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Recentering for Real Change

By October 17, 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

The CEO of Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, Kim Brown, believes that nonprofit strategic planning should not be centered on what an organization needs, but rather, it should be about asking what an organization needs to be doing for its community.

Hold on, strategic plans for nonprofits can create real change when the planning isn’t centered on the nonprofit? Yes!

In Kim’s case, the center of a new strategic plan was not the board, the staff, or the organization itself but it was (pause for drum roll please) the girls. While this could seem obvious, in reality it can be quite challenging to refocus an organization on the real needs of its constituents rather than what everyone involved in the organization thinks its constituents need. We think Kim’s approach at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe is a great real-world example of the power of transformational leadership, so we invited her to talk more about this on our podcast Impact Out Loud.

Tune in to part one and part two of our discussion with Kim to hear what it means to walk the walk, confront the uncomfortable, and lead with heart as a nonprofit executive director creating authentic organizational change.

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