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Partnering with Purpose

By May 16, 2018February 12th, 2021No Comments

In March I facilitated a workshop called “Partnering With Purpose” alongside Ellen Shepard of Community Allies and Keagan King of Mount Taylor Organic Farm for the 2018 National Good Food Network Conference. Our goal was to provide skills to food system leaders in facilitating collaboration between sectors in their communities, including those directly involved in food systems work and the many partners needed to support them.

Partnerships and engagement with the community are crucial to the success of the food system so our focus was to provide experiential tools for the  leaders to bring home to their communities. Participants learned about the Radical Inclusion model of community engagement, including community mapping to ensure that no one is left out of planning, and opening dialogues with previously marginalized groups in ways that feel meaningful and safe for them.

Click here to read more from Ellen about our workshop and hear about 3 common misconceptions about community development work.