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Stop Asking for an Oil Change When You Need a New Transmission

By March 16, 2023No Comments

What will it take for nonprofits and businesses to realize that quick fixes cannot replace the systemic change that is needed to provide a thriving world for everyone?

It’s like fixing a car. Organizations and businesses often reach out to consultants when their “car” is not running at its best. However, rather than wanting to run a full diagnostic test on the car, people seek quick fixes like oil changes, not realizing that the car needs a new transmission. And, unfortunately, there are consultants that will just do the oil change and then move on, leaving the car inoperable because no one realized a new transmission is really what is needed.

At Prospera Partners, we believe in running diagnostics on the car to see what’s really going on. Our approach is about finding out what’s really going on and giving our clients a full rundown of what’s needed to have a well-running machine. This includes both the short- and long-term fixes that are necessary, but also what can be delayed maintenance. We’ll keep things running now and get you set for the future.

While it may cost more than an oil change initially, you’ll spend much less in the long-term, especially if there could be damage that would render the car inoperable if not addressed. We’d love to run some diagnostics for your business or nonprofit and provide some short-term and longer-term fixes while creating a maintenance plan that will allow your business to continue rolling for many years to come.

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