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Need a Little Support? We’re Here for You!

By April 19, 2023April 25th, 2023No Comments

If you know us and our consulting work, you know we like to stay in it with you and check in often. We believe that consulting is like a good partnership, built on trust and support. (Fun fact: it’s one of the reasons Vicki named the company Prospera Partners.) So this month, we want to check in with you. How are you doing? Where are you in your business or organization planning? Do you need some brainstorming support or have a quick question? We thought we’d give you some ideas and inspiration, and let you know how we’re here for you and how we can help.

Your Business or Strategic Plan is a living document
Whether you are a business owner with a great business plan that was funded or a nonprofit organization with a solid strategic plan, it should be a living document that you check in on regularly.

Some things to consider:
– Did you implement the plans or strategies you set out in your plan?
– Did you meet goals? Why or why not?
– Do you need to pivot based on those goals?

These are just some of the questions we explore and help you get clear on when you work with us.

It might be time for a marketing and messaging review and renew
Think of this kind of like a spring cleaning for your marketing and messaging. You don’t need a total rebrand and a new strategy, but you do need to sweep out the cobwebs and freshen it up a bit. Is your marketing and messaging still on target? Are you still focused on the same audience? Has your audience changed? Could your brand use a little love with a new look or a fresh makeover? Is your message conveying your mission and values to your target audience?

Our team can help with a full review of your marketing strategy. Don’t have a marketing strategy and feel like you’ve been winging it for awhile? We’ve got you! We can also support you with content writing, blog editing, website refreshing, social media evaluation – all to get your marketing and messaging uplifted and working for you.

Maybe it’s time for an internal culture shift to align those values with that mission
Is your business or nonprofit ready for a shift in its internal culture? If your message is strong externally, make sure it’s embodied in the internal culture of your business or organization. Are your values and mission aligned? The team at Prospera Partners worked hard on aligning our own shared values with our mission and came up with Our Ways of Being. Check it out for inspiration.

We excel at facilitating teams through thoughtful and transformational processes to help get everyone inspired and ready to work together.

Ready to find capital to start or grow your business?
We love supporting our clients in seeking capital. In our 11 years of service, we’ve helped our clients raise over $6 million by supporting them to prepare for pitches and pitch decks, grant review, and business and strategic planning assessment in preparation for seeking capital.

If the idea of seeking funding to grow your business or support your nonprofit seems overwhelming, that’s because it is! But, don’t fear. A benefit of working with us is that we’ll actively support you, which means walking you through business planning and application documents, getting clear on your needs, and helping to articulate your ask.

We’re all in this together
Feeling like it’s time for a mindset shift? Are you feeling imposter syndrome? The economy dragging you down? Burnout? We can support you! The entrepreneur’s journey is a roller coaster. Quite literally. But you aren’t alone and we will support you on every twist, turn, bump in the road.

We’re constantly looking for ways to make our work work better for you. If you’ve been needing help with any or all of the above, but were hesitant to reach out due to money or time constraints, our new short term, social impact support packages might be the perfect way to make your life and work easier.

Check out our Social Impact Boost Packages and let us know how we can help. We’d love to use our expertise to give your social enterprise, local business, or nonprofit organization a little social impact boost!

Reach out to learn more, or subscribe to our enews to stay in touch.