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In Honor of National Food Day – Oct 24

By October 24, 2012February 22nd, 2021No Comments

I’m a foodie, a food economy nerd, a social justice food geek, so of course when I arrived at a lunch meeting at a locally owned, top local sourcing restaurant for a meeting today I had to declare “Happy National Food Day!”

You don’t have to be a food activist to be proud of National Food Day. There are those that do and those that support those that do.  I’m an activist and blessed to be doing this great work in localism but you don’t have to be an activist to get involved. You can learn more about where I come from (farms and veggies and barn building and entrepreneurs, oh my) here and why I do what I do.

Here are some things you might want to do, right now, this afternoon, this evening to help celebrate and honor National Food Day:

1.  Check out the National Food Day website for starters.

2. Do something – eat something. Take a moment to eat something local you might not have thought of before.  Go to your local farmers market if it’s happening today.  Support a locally owned restaurant that sources locally. Because you should eat more kale. And chard.  And squash and root veggies this time of year.

3. Shop for your dinner at a food coop. Ever been?   Mine is serene and lovely, especially at the crazy holidays when everyone is scrambling around to shop for their feast menus.  And they give great deals to members.  And they do good in your community.  Check this out the great work our very own La Montanita Coop in New Mexico is doing for the food economy and local farmers and food businesses.

4. Donate some products out of your own garden to your local food shelf.

How I spent my National Food Day:

Here’s what I do with much of my time: Delicous New Mexico is a statewide  network to help grow food businesses  and to elevate the local food industry in New Mexico.

I talked to Jess, a foodie organizer from FoodLab Detroit. Lest you think nothing is happening in this great American city . . . Jess is making it happen. Check out FoodLab Detroit on Facebook.

I ate at a local restaurant, Il Piatto,  that is among the best in my town for sourcing and supporting local.  And if you’re ever in Santa Fe, give them a try!

But that’s just a regular day for me because I’ve been blessed by doing this work in the world. You don’t have to be a food activist – just be a food eater of local foods.