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I’ve just returned from a whirlwind two-week trip, attending the Social Venture Institute (SVI) and then meeting up with my localist friends at the BALLE Fellowship AND THEN attending an amazing training on the Art of Hosting.  Phew. What a trip!  SVI is deep learning, deep connecting for social entrepreneurs, investors, and those making social change in the nonprofit world.  The BALLE Fellowship is where I’ve spent the past two years learning and sharing with my colleagues on the local economy movement and network of locally owned businesses that make significant impact in their communities.  The Art of Hosting training was a deep learning on how to host conversations in communities to have the most impact.  I’ve been “sitting in circle” and sharing knowledge and questions for two straight weeks.  My head is full of ideas and my heart is full of love for community and social change!

I’ll do deeper into these experiences in future blogs but wanted to share my three biggest take-aways from two weeks of going deep with social change makers and localists from all over North America:

  • It’s happening folks!  Social change is happening. Now.  I met change-makers from all over Canada and the US, doing good in their own communities, as well as impacting other countries through their sourcing.  Investors are going local too, looking at how to put money into local businesses, investing in more deep-impact nonprofits and leaders.
  • Stories make the difference. The most successful social entrepreneurs and change makers tell their stories; the good, the bad, the ugly of every step of change-making. That’s what inspires other people to keep doing, keep going.
  • We’re way better together!  Stay connected, get to know other change-makers.  Keep each other inspired, pumped and fueled in their work.  It’ll keep you in the change-making game too.