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Special guest Martin Sorge, the 2023 Great American Baking Show Winner (with Social Impact Roots). Impact Out Loud a podcast powered by Prospera Partners.Economic development consultant, home baker, and winner of the Great American Baking Show, Martin Sorge says it wasn’t that long ago that he wasn’t very good at baking. “I had always cooked and I was known for being the person who cooked for my friends in college and grad school, but I started to get into baking because I actually wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t really like to measure things or be precise.” But Martin always approaches things in his life with thoughtful strategy and systems thinking – whether it’s helping communities thrive, or learning to bake –and before he knew it, he was winning a reality tv show.

We invited Sorge on to Impact Out Loud to discuss this journey. How does his approach to baking relate back to his leadership and social impact work, utilizing ingredients from different systems that lead to longer lasting, positive change? What’s his recipe for creating winning results, regardless of the work? We also get to hear what’s on the horizon (book deal, anyone?) for this man of many talents.

Vicki first met Martin Sorge when she was a BALLE Business Alliance for Local Living Economies fellow (BALLE is now called Common Future) and he was helping to coordinate and facilitate the fellowship program there. After BALLE Martin went on to serve as the executive director for Uptown United & Uptown Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, IL and later as the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Chicago. After his stint on the Great American Baking Show, Martin started developing recipes and writing about food, landing his first byline in Food & Wine. He also launched Argyle Advising to provide comprehensive consulting services for organizations that work in economic development in order to help build vibrant local economies and effective, efficient organizations.

Be sure to follow Martin on Instagram for recipes and baking tips, and tune in to part one and two of our discussion with Sorge to learn more.

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