Vicki’s Latest for the Nonprofit Quarterly: “Rethinking Our Supply Chains for Greater Social Impact”

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Graphic with Nonprofit Quarterly screenshot
Supply chains are on everyone’s minds right now.

Vicki Pozzebon, Prospera Partner’s founder, had a chance to write about reimagining them in “Rethinking Our Supply Chains for Greater Social Impact” for the Nonprofit Quarterly, a publication that “helps advance critical conversations that can refine nonprofit and social movement policy and practice.”

“Your recently ordered sofa might take several months to be delivered because the raw materials for the cushion stuffing are in short supply. Or, that bathroom remodel is taking extra months because the fixtures you ordered are on back order. Food, daily household items, and wares—everything is starting to feel scarce and expensive.

If you’ve been wondering about this, you aren’t alone. The pandemic has created myriad problems in healthcare, economic, and supply chain systems. With labor and supply shortages during the pandemic having disrupted so many global supply chains, I wondered: ‘Is there another way to approach the supply chain? What if supply chains were aligned with community values?'” 

Special thanks to Jamie Facciola, the founder of Furniturecycle, for her input!

Read the entire article here.