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Eileen Everett Joins Social Good Consulting Team at Prospera Partners

By June 14, 2022No Comments

Headshot of Eileen Everett standing outside.SANTA FE, NM (June 14, 2022) – Prospera Partners, a consulting firm that designs social impact strategic plans for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, welcomed Eileen Everett as its new Chief Transformation Officer this June. Everett will handle business development and systems change consulting and facilitation in her new role.

CEO and Founder of Prospera Partners, Vicki Pozzebon, says “We are more than thrilled to bring Eileen on to help us ‘cultivate communities for social good.’ Eileen brings years of experience and wisdom in nonprofit and systems change work to this role. She has already been an invaluable facilitator for Prospera Partners and now we look forward to serving more clients with our expanded team.”

While Everett has worked in the social sector for more than 15 years, her most recent position was that of Executive Director of Environmental Education of New Mexico (EENM). At EENM she supported a multi-year transformation of the organization by focusing on creating the first statewide, community-generated framework to provide systems level change to create daily equitable access to the outdoors and environmental learning for all kids. During her six years with EENM, Eileen also tripled the operating budget, increased staff capacity fourfold, and created a variety of new programs including the first fellowship program of its kind that interconnected interests like environmental justice, conservation, outdoor recreation, and outdoor learning and education in many forms.

Everett first connected with Prospera Partners as a participant in its Emerging Social Sector Leader program and went on to become an Associate Facilitator for the same program. She’s excited to bring this perspective, unique skill set working across multiple sectors, and education background to her consulting and facilitation work.

She says, “Transformational leadership empowered me to not only change my own approaches and roles in leadership, but also to lean into real systems change, shifting organizations and effecting change for youth and educators around New Mexico. I feel so inspired and ready to support other leaders, organizations, businesses, and agencies in their own change work through this new role. I couldn’t be more eager to join the Prospera Partners team who consistently and continuously supports real action and change in service to our communities.”

See Eileen’s full bio here.

About Prospera Partners
Prospera Partners is a consulting firm that designs local economy networks and social enterprise development plans for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. We facilitate and design systems change, communities of practice, and strategic program planning to help nonprofit organizations rethink their approach and transform their work for the greater good.