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“Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Nonprofit Sector” Workshop

By August 10, 2021May 17th, 2022No Comments

 Accepting Registrations Until August 27


Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Nonprofit Sector, an online workshop, is now open to any nonprofit board member, staffer, or volunteer in the US who wants to learn about racism in the sector and do something about it. Hosted by the Santa Fe Community Foundation and designed and facilitated by Prospera Partners, the workshop was initially available only to those who work in New Mexico. However, based on the first session’s success and interest from communities around the country, it is now available to a nationwide audience. Applications are due August 27, 2021 and participants are asked to commit to all 8 of the 2-hour sessions that will occur between September 10 and December 17, 2021. A sliding scale based on organizational budgets is available for those working in New Mexico. The fee for participants who work outside of New Mexico is $350. More information can be found on prosperapartners.org/events/.

The COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, and racial justice protests of 2020 and beyond exposed a larger audience to the inequities that are woven into the fabric of the US. To the surprise of many, the nonprofit world is not immune from these systems that center whiteness in order to uphold oppression. Therefore, this program was created as an opportunity to collectively examine and identify the injustices in this system, while rethinking the potential of the sector to move forward, centering equity and dismantling white dominant culture.

Participants will be led by facilitators in live, virtual gatherings with group discussion, reflection exercises, and a chance to learn from and connect with peers. Sessions will examine the history of the nonprofit sector, explore strategies to support staff, board, and volunteers in their own anti-racism journeys, and much more. A participant from the first cohort in January 2021 said, “I have found these sessions challenging in a necessary way and the work I’ve done questioning and confronting my thoughts and feelings has better prepared me for conversations.”

Vicki Pozzebon, Everette Hill, Kourtney Andar, Eileen Everett, and Rachel (Rae) Miller make up the team of skilled facilitators who will guide these sessions. Pozzebon, who is also the founder of Prospera Partners, notes that this workshop emphasizes progress, not perfection. “Learning about how we fit into these systems, how we hold them up even when we don’t realize it, and how to move forward to create positive change once we are aware of all of the above, is all ongoing – for all of us. This workshop provides a solid and brave launching point to begin the hard work.”


About Prospera Partners

Prospera Partners is a consulting firm that designs local economy networks and social enterprise development plans for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. We facilitate and design systems change, communities of practice, and strategic program planning to help nonprofit organizations rethink their approach and transform their work for the greater good.

About the Santa Fe Community Foundation

The Santa Fe Community Foundation was founded in 1981, designed to bridge philanthropy and nonprofits. The SFCF’s mission is devoted to building healthy and vital communities in the region where:

  • Racial, cultural, or economic differences do not limit access to health, education, or employment
  • Diverse audiences enjoy the many arts and cultural heritages of our region
  • All sectors of our community take responsibility for ensuring a healthy environment