Joe’s Dining

Santa Fe, NM

Local food is the center of the plate, and hearts and minds for Sheila and Roland, owners of Joe’s. This long-time local restaurant in Santa Fe, NM has been serving up locally sourced delicious food for over 10 years but business was sagging and Sheila and Roland wanted to step up their business plan to attract new eaters and promote their long- time commitment to local.


Assessing their long-time local sourcing business model and marketing strategy showed that Joe’s customers are loyal and true to the brand. Attracting new clients would require a fresh marketing campaign and a tightened up menu. Through strategic sessions we came up with a new advertising campaign, website, and plan to leverage their localness and promote Joe’s as a long-time leader in the local food economy.


Joe’s is a mainstay in Santa Fe, with loyal customers returning weekly for specials, and new customers finding great selections on the menu that come from local farmers, ranchers, and other food companies based in New Mexico. They have enjoyed many years of success since implementing their new plan and celebrating their 10 th anniversary. Purchasing nearly 90% of their menu items from local sources contributes to a stronger New Mexico economy and provides farmers and ranchers with a steady and reliable customer base to help grow their own operations and the local food economy.

Photos: Genevieve Russell, StoryPortrait Media

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